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offers coaching services to develop a healthy lifestyle. The purpose of this website is to present a description of services, my background, upcoming public programs. I like to share my learning, which I do in the Articles section regularly. To get in touch with me, go to the Contact page. 




Read tips, ideas, suggestions about my own experiences and about common issues to support in your healthy lifestyle journey. I didn't set any timeline, but I set my minimum to finish and post one of the articles per year.  Articles >


Meet Oliver

My motivation in supporting others is to make the World a better place.  I feel energized when someone becomes who s/he wants to be with my support. But, who am I? Why I am coaching? Read shortly about my background.

Meet Oliver >


Staying with your discomfort can enable you to learn something new about you. I tell about my experience when I started to run, and I give you tips for an experiment to explore either for exercise, nutrition, or recovery.

I explain how you can find the answer for yourself. First, you need to check what your need is at the moment, performance or learning, then check what is your natural tendency, planning or action. Supporting questions, advantages and pitfalls, are there in the article.

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